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Health Ministries

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Randall Williams
Health Ministries

Health Ministries assist our members with living healthier, happier lives as well as reaching out to the surrounding community. The purpose of the Health Ministries Department is to encourage church members, through Divine Grace, to bring their way of life into harmony with God’s Health laws. It is necessary to do so, not just to enjoy the benefits of better health and longer life, but for the following larger, and more important purposes: moral discernment; love and respect for God, the Creator; as an act of worship and faithful stewardship. 


  • To promote among the membership, the Seventh-day Adventist lifestyle as based on the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy, by means of information, education, counselling and motivation in health/temperance affairs.
  • To advise the church, and its departments and related agencies, regarding the development and implementation of health/temperance related policies and programmes
  • To advise and catalogue resource materials for its programmes.
  • To be actively involved in the evangelistic thrust of the church both as an effective entering wedge and by genuine concern for the total wellness of everyone.

We serve our community through:

  • Regular health clinics utilizing our Mobile Medical and Dental Clinic (MMDC).
  • Dental Fest where a wide range of dental services are delivered.
  • Annual Health and Wellness Expo where a wide range of medical, legal, educational  and supportive services are provided on the church grounds.
  • Fitness programmes for those recovering from illnesses, with physical challenges and fitter, more active persons.
  • Cooking demonstrations to promote healthy, vegetarian meals.