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Mobile Clinic



The Braeton Church has been conducting its annual health fair on the church grounds since 2003 as a means of providing back-to-school medicals and other basic health care at a minimal cost to Braeton and the surrounding communities. Over the years the fair has grown exponentially and the demand for services,  as well as the realization  that there were persons who were unable to attend the clinic on the church grounds because of financial challenges  made it necessary for the planning of a mobile unit that would take health services to the doorsteps of those in need.

The idea was shared with the congregation in 2013 and by mid-2014, the first phase of the project was completed. This included the acquisition and retrofitting of a 20 foot container to accommodate three stations, two for basic medical services and one for dental. The second phase involved the purchase of a 23-foot flat-bed truck to make the clinic mobile. After two years of planning, working and fundraising, the Mobile Medical and Dental Clinic (MMDC), our clinic on wheels became a reality and was dedicated to the Lord’s service on November 14, 2015 under the theme Celebrating God’s Providence.


A mobile unit that can reach all areas of Portmore and other communities beyond with Medical and Dental  Services and the gospel through Health Evangelism.

Community visits will include but are not limited to clinic services, food and clothing distribution, soup kitchen, literature distribution, prayer and spiritual counseling, public health and environment checks/inspections.    



I would like to commend you for meeting the practical needs of individuals within your community.  This is a tremendous ministry, the ministry of Jesus Christ.

Pastor Roy Dennis

Health and Family Ministries Director, Central Jamaica Conference of Seventh-day Adventists


What your church has been doing in the area of health service provision is most welcome by me and the government because what the government does is not enough and will not be enough.

Fitz Jackson 

Member of Parliament, St. Catherine South


You have done something great, and I look forward to partnering with you to show the love of Jesus to the community.

Dr. Patric Rutherford

Retired CEO, Andrews Memorial Hospital


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